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[Closed] Aqua Tail by Seoxys6 [Closed] Aqua Tail by Seoxys6
Oh boi this one took me forever to finish... The price is a bit high, but that shading was super time consuming D: Also I need funds to pay for the vet bills for my cats atm (Rosie has been acting weird so gotta take her for an exam, and Sirius needs or vaccines)... 

So yep! This birb money will go right away to pay the vet for my kitties ><

I sometime offer early AB options and discounts for the members of my Discord server! So if you want to see WIPs, previews and get the chance to get a Rexbirb before everybody else make sure you join my Discord!

Discord (color) Icon ultramini ;Discord (color) Icon ultramini 

Aqua Tail - Closed :bulletred: - $70
Owner: lolathekitty

Bullet; Yellow Uncommon: Unusual pupil shape, Forked tongue, 
Bullet; Orange Rare: Scales (all body except hair and wings), Aquatic features (shark tail, fins, gills to breath underwater)


If you want to purchase an adoptable, you will get character rights!

Bullet; GreenYou may:
- Change the colors, patterns, markings, designs, whatever, as long as it's minor changes (Please make sure to get any changes confirmed by me!)
- Give its own personal story and even change its name and gender if you feel like it.
- Re-sell it but for the same price OR lower than the price you paid only. I also don't mind if you give it or trade it to someone else (make sure you update the master list in case of ownership change)
- You are allowed to turn it into a human or anthro, roleplay with it, make stories, etc (send these to me, I love to see you guys originality with these ;3)
- ALWAYS give credits to me and Bernk4stel for the original design (mention, icon, link,etc)

Bullet; RedYou may NOT:
- Claim the species as yours
- Remake the character so it no longer looks like the species.
- Resell it for higher than the price you paid. (in case of commissioned art as add-on to your character, please contact me so we can talk about it!)
- Trade/give/re-sell or change the design without telling updating the masterlist (don't be scared of telling us you're trading your little fellow! We simply want to know where my adoptable are for the masterlist :) (Smile) )

When you adopt one you will get a picture of your brand new friend full resolution without watermark :) (Smile) Paypal only ~ Payment must be made within 24hrs


Rexbirbs © :iconseoxys6::iconbernk4stel:
This is a CLOSED specie, you are not allowed to make your own. 
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Blockio1999 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So cool Smiley: Heart eyes 
AmpharosP Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
but can it learn* aqua tail Bendy lenny face eyebrows wiggle 
Seoxys6 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Sure thing! Thanks a lot for your support <3 Send me a note with your paypal email :)
lolathekitty Featured By Owner Edited Mar 19, 2017
All done~ So glad I can help fund you for the trip too!
MadSk3tch Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
Wow...! That's gorgeous!!
VesselofEve Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoever gets this one I wanna ask if they can be friends or mate to one my other birbs :)
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March 19
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